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Say You Will

Say You Will

Seeing the love before my eyes
feelings in the air,
I been around, my feet on the ground
Still I find despair.

Wandering around without you,
Walking the lonely streets today.
She tries to carry on as well as she can,
She cries to be understood.
When nobody believes in love any more,
Doing the best she could.

Still we lie
Still we cry.

I wonder what you see today
So often being led astray,
Reading through the lines.

I'm not asking any more
you must have seen this before.
I'm asking all this time, will you care for me?

Say you will
Say you will
I'm asking to share this time with you.

And now I find you lost again,
Misunderstood by your friends,
And you turn around.

I'm asking, what do you say?