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Living Proof

Living Proof

Why does love have to?
Where does it go to
Outta my door?
How much have you got?
Is it enough for me
Or will I want more?

Oh,oh, you tell me you just want some fun.
Oh, oh, I'm trapped between the fire and the man with the gun.

Time in a vacuum,
Waiting for someone to say what they think.
But all that pretending doesn't convince me
'Cause they just want to buy me a drink.

Oh, oh, you tell me you want to be free.
Oh, oh, baby, I'm trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea.

It's night in the city,
I'm filled with self-pity -
I'm taking the air.
If somebody hits me
Here in this city,
I swear I just don't care.
Oh, oh, just looking for proof.
Oh, oh, I'm trapped like a cat on a hot tin roof.