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Case Of The Stubborns

Case Of The Stubborns

Music: Ron EriksenLyrics: Ron Eriksen, Matt Jordan

Human life expentancy
No longer man a century
There are those that would
Cheat death if they could
Most who die just pass along
Assuming there's no choice at all
Some just do not realize
That there is sight in dead eyes

Th illusion of life
Created by ignorance
The end of life
Prolonged by chance
Death is cheated
By one man's insistance
Death depleted
Delayed advance

Expiration date is spent
And blood in veins turned sour
Many days ago we passed
Supposed final hours
Unused organs start to swell
Limbs begin to stiffen
Though life continues
Death advances
Avoidance of oblivion

(Solo: Ron)


Grandpa Tolliver
Passed away one night
But he was like no other
He just refused to die
That stubborn old man
Not looking death in the eye

(Solo: Ron, Brett)

Death ripens, flesh rots
Rigor mortis, cane to walk
Animation from belief