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Lines Upon Your Face

Lines Upon Your Face

A small group of boys walks down the street
Throwing a ball in the air
One says to another
Hey I'll always be your brother
I'll always be your friend

Do you remember
When we thought we were immortal
And the games we played always had a happy end
But in the game of life all the roses wither
And time writes its lines upon your face

Summer's here and three young men
Drive through the town in the night air
When fall comes they'll part again
One turns to another and he says


It's three A.M. and he's been feeling lonely
Work's been hard and the city's hard too
He picks up the phone and halfway across the country
A brother listens to his blues he says


Lift your voices loud and clearly
Sing for brotherhood right now
Lift your voices loud and clearly
Sing for sisterhood right now

Sometimes I wish
That we all were immortal
And the game of life always had a happy end
But I know it's not true oh time keeps passing