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Lovin' Ain't So Easy

Lovin' Ain't So Easy

rds and Music: J. Stacy

I don't want to be your only girl
I don't have to be the only one
I been all around that scene already
I've been pushed around by all those things
Lovin' ain't so easy
Had to let things go by
Lovin' ain't so easy...

I've loved before
I pushed him far away
Holding tight to nothing
But that was oh, so long ago...
I've tasted the potion
I've drunk the lover's wine
While I had the time...

I don't want to be your only girl
I don't need exclusive reservations
Anytime I see you is all right
Even if you're with someone tonight...

I love you so
I'd rather let you go
When you really want to
You can go, so far away...