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My Way

My Way

(JD Talking)Yo See,it's rare that you find people like us
Cause all ya'll other (look) out there doin' what I'm doin'
Or tryin' to do what i'm doin' but you can't
Cause I do it my way
What about you
Huh,huh Come On
(Usher Singing)
I Do
Any and everything you won't do
Make your girl say ooh ooh
Why is he so fly
She beeps me,whenever she wanna get freaky
You can get mad if you want too
Say whatever you want be she still gon' give it up
Cause she likes it..
She likes it my way,My way
You can't satisfy her needs
She keeps runnin' back to see me do it
My Way, My Way
What I say goes,and i'm in control
(JD Rapping)
Bad ass senorita's, two seaters with kicks
And new kick's ya'll all up in my mix
I don't turn no tricks, they turn for me
Catchin' bricks don't concern me

So forget lil' midget, My minds on 7 digits
Before I pay heaven's skies a visit, now dig it
I'm pullin' all stops
Knockin down all spots
Sayin' you can't front (Usher sings) on me
(JD finish's rapping)
So from this day forth you know It's all about me
And what I do be the major league
That's why your girlfriend's paging me
and she know like you know, you don't see her like I see her
So she's out the do'
(Usher sings as JD Raps)
Shot gun in my drop havin' fun with the Don, system, bassing
Conversation (Usher stops singing JD continues to rap)
All about how she be chasin' me and facin' me sayin' give it to me now baby
My Way, My Way
You can't satisfy her needs
she keeps runnin' back to see me do it
My Way, My Way
What I say goes and i'm in control
(2nd verse)