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Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold

intro)Fool's gold, sparkling like the midnight sun
Fool's gold, touch the ivory handles on my gun
(sold out to me?), Charlatans and thieves
(so wrong not to see?), Jokers and the priests?
Fool's gold, stranded on a (point gloss?) Sea
Fool's gold, nothing here and nothing to see
(sold out to me?), The weasels and the feared
(and it's so wrong not to see?), The ghosts of the disappeared
All gone away...

Sometimes, when I'm touched by love, by hate, or by the grace of God
Sometimes, in the dark when hope is fading,
Or no longer flies,
I won't sympathize
Spend my time getting high

Someone came to rescue me, lit up like a Christmas tree
Tired of living on my own, someone came and take me home

Sometimes, this jungle life is boring, pawing,
Ready for a feast, someone kill the beast
Outside, streets are teeming, breathing heavy,
Ready to explode, my brother's heavy load,
What you reap is what you sow

Someone came to rescue me
Lit up like a Christmas tree
Stranded here on my own
Someone came to take me home