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Midland Maniac

Midland Maniac

Take me away beyond the night
Take me away before the day
Happens nowhere else but here
Where can I go
Except for the show?
And sometime from now -and it won't be long
I'm gonna stay in my home country
And you see it, can you see it?

Let me tell you' bout someone I knew
Communicated but he didn't know how
Met a lady but he didn't know who
Midland maniac
Pouring out his soul to me
He's a prisoner but he thinks he's free
He has no one in the world to be

Let me tell you 'bout a thing or two
I sail the ocean just to get to you
I hear you calling but you can't get through
Midland maniac
Pouring out my soul to you
I hope you get it and I know you do