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Fill Me Up

Fill Me Up

Thy will be done

You came into my life
You made it alright
You showed me who I could be
You gave me your vision
Gave me inspiration
You helped my eyes to see

When I worked out what you had worked in me
I found out how precious life can be, so

Fill me up (Thy will be done) with your love
Fill me up with your tenderness
Fill me up with your love
Fill me up and help me to grow

There was a time when I was blind
I had no faith, I had no pride, no
I wasted lots of precious time
Thinking of myself and my own mind

Then you picked me up and revealed your love
You shined your light on me and renewed my soul, so

(Fill me up, fill me up) Bring your lovin' home to me
(Fill me up, fill me up) Show me how love's supposed to be