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Now's The Time

Now's The Time

You better get ready now
You better prepare
You better get ready now
You better prepare

(Verse 1)
I've been waiting
Now's the time
I'm ready to do my own
I don't know where I'm going
My destiny's unknown
I've been hating, never mind
I think I've found my even flow
Now my love's forever burning
While evil souls die alone

Now's the time
The serchers find
But who am I to say
When all I know is the world is cold
And love's the only way
Love's the only way

(Verse 2)
Evil is sowing the seeds of fear, trying to multiply
And you're the only one who knows me
The reason why I try
'Cause I 'm unknowing, you're aware, observing in your disguise
How I wish that you would show me the wisdom in your eyes

Nature's soothing
When I'm hurt, no one is there to feel
When the stars are talking to me
They tell me to prepare
Times are moving throught the dirt
Heaven is everywhere