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I Am With You

I Am With You

Path crossing through two different plains
Enscribed coffins but without the names
Someone please tell me that we're alive
Burn the cross for the sake of those who died
God is with you or so they said
They believed now fields are coloured red
Speak the truth or forever hold your peace
Godless people trust in me
I am with you, until the end
Gas the masses with your poisoned tongues
How can evil be the chosen one
Flowered landscapes destroyed to ashes
The lie is greater and the truth means nothing
I am with you, I am with you
Religious leaders steal your soul for keeps
The mind is strong, yet the flesh is weak
Our only saviour is a dream of hope
So close your eyes and pray for some
These words take on new meaning
As I look on a world so cold
Passions burns, passions fire, body's turning