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They may throw stones against the glass
But there's no need to worry
One day they'll want out help and ask
We'll turn and say we're sorry
If all the stars fall from the sky
And we've got nothing to cling to
There'll always be a you and I
And this is the song I'll sing you

You and me should stick together
We were built to last forever

Don't let go of your youth
If we don't run the race
Then we can never lose
Because we know the truth
If we don't run the race
Then we can never lose

It doesn't matter what they say
Because the night is calling
I know a place where we can play
And watch the statues falling
'Cos with this feeling in our blood
We'll be forever young
And our two hearts will always thud
Just like the rhythm of drums


With just our hearts to guide us
We'll leave them all behind us
Oh no they'll never find us now