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She won't mind, she's got bills to pay
She won't mind, because I come today
Its feels so wrong to be right
She sits tight, in a different way
Pulls my eyes with the words she say
To be is all that she desired

But they didn't love you in our time
Nobody wants you in your life
Bleed and they'll serve you, alive

Words confessed from a memory
I feel them at last when I sing of what used to be
And I sing along like a choir
If I say goodbye to love will it go away
If I say goodbye to love because its here today
And it feels so strong tonight


For the rest of our lives
Fearing the way that will keep us alive
I put my hands to the sky
Pray for a sign if I believed in a god
We lay with our hearts to the floor
Feel from the ground of the earth keep us warm
I put my hands onto your head
As I
Say goodbye to love
I Say goodbye to love
I Say goodbye to love