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War Of Hate

War Of Hate

(Music: Dark, Vassago)(Lyrics: Dark)
Gathered we are, the legions of destruction- who ride under the banner of death
over the plain our legions ride towards the battlefields and cries
death shall no longer wait, it's time for a war of hate
In our eyes you'll see furious and raging hate
sacrifice and sacrilege you will behold and taste
Damnation is your future we'll desecrate your soul
evil laughter echoes in this war-filled night so cold
all demons spread their wings and scream: "We shall win this war"
death is here to harvest our enemies souls
Jehova, Budda and Allah, behold our deed and weep
enslavement of the souls of your innocent sheep
suffer moan and cry, your tears we'll drink and laugh
under the banner of death we ride
so fuck you I am god
Witness your own death
as I draw my sword
scream as you die and I'll grow stronger
A war of hate!!!
Bodies of our enemies shall flow like in a flood
angels wings are broken, their wings are
soaked in blood
the earth starts to rumble
as our diabolical fire is raging high
revelation of the world wide war
destruction of the crucified whore
Scream for me, die for me...I am your god