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Master Of Destruction

Master Of Destruction

(Music: Dark, Vassago)(Lyrics: Dark)
I am the master of destruction - demonseed I am
I show no mercy for the ones I hate - you will see
I crush the angelic host as the knights of the order of the seraphim is chained with ice
Until the day the stars burn out and their souls will be as black as mine
A star falls another life of an angel fades away, so silent they die without pride
soon it will be dark-hell shall no longer wait
I am the majesty of human suffering - a total eclipse of their spark of life
I am the antagonist of their beloved yet withering god
I neglect him and spit on his cross
You will see that not even eternity is eternal
compared to the pain that will be experienced
when I release my wrath upon the weak ones
that spend their whole existence praising a god
I am the apocalypse, so when I approach you will shiver with fear
and lay down your soul to me