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Sun Of The Night

Sun Of The Night

Shadowscapes form a web a cross the sky
and steal the light that runs the engine of my heart
Decieved by clouds but I know it will soon
return to watch my every move like an eye in the sky
Obsessed I am indeed
I will gain no strength this moonless night
Heavens heart or just a long forgotten stone
All Me lost or is yet to come
The stars will be alone in the (firmament tonight
Shadows grow stronger across the sky
The sun prepares for battle
The night is soon to die
Vicious beams will soon obscure the presence of the sun of the night
My soul dispise the dawning and the light that it will bring
Doomed to be nocturnal
A creature of the night
Another dawn dilutes the dark the void where I can live
The rays of light bum ?? skin and ravage my desire