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[Verse 1]
it's time to make a difference
(i kno its bad right now i'm feelin like i need him) in my life
I dont wanna leave him
('cause he's my best friend me without him I cant see us) breaking up
people said it wouldnt work
i'd end up getting hurt but what do they kno because he's my man
I dont care what people say 'cause this feels good to me and i dont want him to leave
It's crazy (crazy)
Tell me how come (oh) something I really want and something I love is so bad for me (yea) I cant explain it (cant explain it)it's just like a bad habit (oh oh) I cant shake it It's so crazy crazy crazy (yeeah) I cant believe it (oh) How i need him (how I need him) he makes a difference yall I'm trippin It's crazy (crazy) dont knno which way to go cant let him go even though I kno he aint the one for me
[Verse 2]
Now he stay in some drama
Cant take him home to mama
I'ma b honest he a cold player
Flirts with every girl that he meets how he would do that to me how he make it not matter
so charming and clever
he can get whatever
he asks me for im talkin bout something I cant do without it
I cant find the strength to leave 'cause this feels good to me and I dont want him to leave

Now I kno that this aint smart
'cause he'll probably break my heart
but this is the best thing in a while that's ever happened to me
I dont care what other people say
Dont want him to go away
Im hoping that he'll stay right here with me
It's so crazy
[Chorus til fade]